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Haunted History Walking Tours of the Capitol Square and UW Campus

Discover the haunted history of Madison, Wisconsin with one of our ghost walks. You can expect to meet the colorful characters, vengeful spirits, monsters, and stories of the people who love Madison so much that even death can’t stop them from staying in the city!

We’ve spent a lot of time researching supernatural and weird stories around Mad City so that we have brand new stories and content that we can guarantee you’ve never heard before.

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Madison Ghost Walks

Real ghost stories, paranormal experiences, urban legends, and much more!

The Capitol Tour meets across the street from the Great Dane Brewpub downtown at the corner of King Street and South Webster. Click here to get a map to the location!

The Campus Tour meets in front of the fountain at Library Mall. Click here to get a map to the location!

What to expect? Haunted history tours are not like Halloween haunted houses. No rent-a-ghouls have been hired to jump out and startle you. However, if you’re captivated by local folklore, into Wisconsin legend tripping, a student of Madison history, or just interested in sparking your imagination with strange tales about Madison, this tour is for you.